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Reclaiming the Past that Brought Us to the Present!

“Remember the days of long ago; think about the generations past. Ask your father, and he will inform you. Inquire of your elders, and they will tell you.”  Deuteronomy 32:7 (NLT)

When I first began writing this parenting article series 13 years ago, there seemed to be a cultural attitude that we were losing ground in raising children to be responsible, well-adjusted adults who will give back to the society that shaped and raised them.  Discipline was lacking, and distractions were taxing parents so that they “checked out” of their children’s lives rather than engaging in them.  Houses were used for sleeping and showering and passing in the doorway.  The home and its opportunity to shape a family was replaced with swinging doors, fast-food restaurants, and sport- involvement overload.  We as a society stopped going to church and began to treat Sunday as “my day” rather than “The Lord’s Day.”  Because of this, our family units have failed to be shaped by God’s Word, God’s Preacher and God’s Church.

“But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, ‘How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!’” 

Romans 10:14-15 (NLT)

If we want what used to be, then let’s reclaim these values.  I have never met anyone who was sorry for faithfully investing their lives into pleasing our Creator.  2 Chronicles 7:14 (NLT): “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” 

If we want a better society, then we begin at home.  No family is perfect; however, a home that has a respect and reverence for God has a better chance at being the best it can be.  There is great benefit for our children to be raised in a Christian home with parents devoted to one another, where the family attends church together on Sunday morning, and they have dinner together on a regular basis.  This empowers all the members to be tuned into what impacts the family. 

But someone who does not know, and then does something wrong, will be punished only lightly. When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required

Luke 12:48 (NLT) 

The Covid calendar allows us to reclaim the American family.  Let’s abandon the social media driven society that measures a home and family by pictures and fake flattery that is meaningless.  Stewardship is always leaving something better than you found it.  Psalm 143:5 (NLT): “I remember the days of old. I ponder all your great works and think about what you have done.”   Everyone benefits from a decent and civil society where we are kind to one another and have an emotional connection to one another.  How is it with you and yours?

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