About Rehoboth Baptist Fellowship

Christ centered, Bible believing Christian Church in King William, Virginia

Our Services

Sunday School 9:15 am

Sunday Worship Service 10:30 am

Wednesday Prayer & Worship Service 6:30 pm

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Rehoboth Baptist Fellowship was founded in 2002 as a Christ-centered, Bible-believing local Christian church.  Our mission is to provide a credible witness for Jesus Christ in all that we do.

Our purpose is to bring honor and glory to God as a body of believers, and we are learning how to do that through the expository study of God’s Word. This uncompromising commitment has helped us establish a Christ-centered, Bible-based worship experience where many have been spiritually born again into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is not unusual for people to come to church without having truly come to Christ.  There is an eternity of difference between the two.  Religion without a relationship with God is perhaps the most popular form of spiritual idolatry, utterly incapable of producing saving faith that follows the principles of genuine Christianity.

We have enjoyed the continued blessings of the Lord throughout our brief history and our faith has been rewarded and strengthened through the fulfillment of God’s promises as we have followed the principles established in His Word.

At Rehoboth we are regularly challenged and encouraged to “Love God, Learn His Word, Live For Christ and Lead Others to do Likewise” through our teaching and preaching ministries.  If you are looking for a church where Christ is honored, the Bible is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice, the Pastor and Staff are held in high esteem as they strive to serve God’s people, and a place where the fruits of the Spirit are evident in worship and fellowship… we hope that God will send you our way soon.