Our Mission

Faith, Family, Friends and Fellowship

These four concepts provide a foundation for the abundant life that Jesus mentions in the gospel of John.  We are living in a time and culture that has never before had more and enjoyed less.  We were created by God to function with enthusiasm, direction and a sense of moral dignity and purpose.

At Rehoboth our mission is to reach people for Christ through a Bible based ministry that focuses on life-application principles which intersect with our everyday life.

How do we do this?

At Rehoboth:

  • You will hear sound Biblical teaching and preaching that can help us learn God’s Will and Way for our lives.  God’s Word is full of help for our hindrances, prescriptions for our problems and counsel for the many challenges we face every day.
  • You will find exciting activities for all ages and stages of life.
  • Your little ones will be lovingly and competently cared for in our clean, organized and well staffed nursery.
  • Our children’s and youth  programs teach your children Biblical principles and values that will remain with them for a lifetime.